The end of Summer is soon in sight!

It is the last full month of the Summer season and Fall will be approaching quickly, so be sure to enjoy this month while you can! Try participating in a garage sale, picnic or other community activity, where you can get to know the residents of the neighborhood more! There's no better place than your Neighborhood Website to find out about local events to get involved in!

Atlantic City in the days of the "Boardwalk Empire".
Get the real scoop on Nucky.

(this video is 45 minutes)
courtesy of the PressofAtlanticCity.com

Welcome to your interactive neighborhood website, Country Crossing's neighborhood pipeline.

I hired an Internet design company to create this site, for your use and enjoyment, as a way of giving something back to the community. I will absorb all the costs, including the setup, hosting and maintenance. In other words, yes...it?s Free.

While this is not the official site of? Country Crossing's homeowner association, it can be. That is the best part of this free site to all of you. It can be used at your discretion and be a venue for a resident directory, deed restrictions, general association information and even the association?s printed newsletter in an online format. The association related pages can even be password protected, if you wish.
Please send me information, so that I may add more pages to this website. We would like to add: "Local Resources, Neighborhood Photos, Neighborhood Referrals, New Neighbors, Goods & Services, Area Jobs". and any other topics that would be of interest to you and your neighbors.
Please take the time to look through the site, and if you have comments or suggestions, contact me, Robert Wolfson. You can 'bookmark' this site, share your favorite recipes with your neighbors, advertise that item you want to sell, announce your upcoming events, post your little league schedule, photographs and more!

I hope you enjoy the site and use it often. If I can ever be of assistance, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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